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How To Turn On Laptop Without A Power Button | 7 Best Methods

Laptops are essential for traveling professionals, especially those who travel a lot for business. However, some issues are faced by people who use laptops because the power button wears out in many cases. This blog explains what steps you should follow when you need to turn on laptop without the power button.

If you need a little help turning on your laptop, If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you need to turn your computer on, but the power button won’t work, or if you’ve ever wanted to remove the physical button, then we’ve got you covered.

A power button is an essential feature on your laptop. It’s easy to turn on your computer and find that you are left wondering how to turn it off without touching the power button. There are some laptops where you can get to the power button, but sometimes it’s not easy to find, or the power button may become unresponsive to your touch. 

Sometimes, you can hear the power button click when you push it, but nothing happens when you reach over to turn it on. When this happens, you will have to press the power button repeatedly until you hear a clicking sound and the power light turns on. Some laptops won’t turn on until you press the power button at least once.

How To Turn On Laptop Without A Power Button?

How To Turn On Laptop Without a Power Button

Turning on a laptop without a power button is called “turning on the laptop without a power button.” And if you don’t have a power button, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to turn the laptop on without pushing a button. 

In fact, according to PCWorld, some laptops don’t even have a power switch. This is one of the reasons why people who use laptops for a living sometimes have problems booting up or shutting down their computers, especially if the laptop isn’t plugged in. So, how can you turn the computer on without a power button?

You’re trying to figure out how to turn the damn thing off without a power button. It can happen to anyone sometimes. So we made a handy guide for you that will teach you how to turn your laptop on without a power button. So, let us begin to know how it works without wasting time.

Methods To Turn On A Laptop Without A Power Button

Turn On Laptop Without a Power Button

There are many ways to figure it out, but we will try some of them, which are given below.

  • Using an External Keyboard With BIOS
  • By Using the Power Adapter
  • By Using the Clock Battery Method
  • Turn It On With The Lid
  • Wake Up On Lan
  • With A Wall Socket Or Extension
  • To Unplug The Power Button Wire/ Connector From The Motherboard

Using an External Keyboard With BIOS

Some laptops don’t have any buttons. But this doesn’t mean you can not use your computer without a power button. Some manufacturers have provided the external keyboard with a switch to wake the system. And if your laptop doesn’t offer such a feature, you can use the USB keyboard with the BIOS function. 

Now let’s see how to use the button on the external keyboard to wake up the computer. Suppose you want to turn your laptop on using only the external keyboard without the power button on the computer. In that case, you can modify BIOS and enable the wake-up feature. 

To enable this feature, you need to edit the Windows BIOS settings for your computer. After the power button is enabled, the laptop will continue to run even when the AC power is turned off. You can use the external keyboard to control the system, and all its functions will work fine even if the AC power is shut off.

To set up your keyboard:

  1. Open the BIOS menu and locate the USB settings.
  2. Turn on the option to “Add Keyboard”.
  3. If you need help with the menu, look here for additional information.

After installing the keyboard onto the motherboard, I connected the keyboard to the backplane connector. 

In BIOS, I disabled the onboard keyboard and enabled my external keyboard. I also disabled the USB port into which the keyboard is plugged in so that my computer will boot only after the keyboard has been plugged in. By doing this, I could ensure that the keyboard is the first device I press during the booting process and that the keyboard is ready when the OS starts up.

By Using the Power Adapter

We’ll show you how to power on and off your laptop without the power button and explain why you should be using one of these power adapters if you want to keep your computer powered on all the time. If you have never used a laptop without a power button, the procedure is to turn your laptop on and off using the power adapter. 

If you’re looking to keep track of your laptop’s battery life, one of the easiest ways is to connect your laptop to a power adapter without the power button. Instead, use a power strip to plug in your computer and the power adapter to power it up. This trick works because the power adapter is plugged into the same outlet as the power strip, and the power strip will turn off when the outlet is powered off.

All you need to do is plug the charger into any USB port and connect the power cable to the positive end of the charger. Then, connect your laptop’s power cord to the other end of the charger.

By Using the Clock Battery Method

All you need to do is buy a small battery that runs on a clock mechanism (these are usually a couple of dollars) and installs it on the back of your laptop. When you turn your computer on, it turns on automatically. It’s genius!

But if you’re running Windows 10, there’s an easier way to turn on your laptop without pressing any buttons, and it involves a clock battery and a USB-C to USB-A cable. If you’ve used a Windows laptop before, this might not seem like much of a deal, but if you haven’t, the process could save you a bit of time.

Just plug the USB-C to USB-A cable into your laptop’s power port, plug in the clock battery, and then unplug it once your computer turns on. The clock battery will help keep your laptop’s screen on and ready to use.

Turn It On With The Lid

Sometimes, you can turn on your laptop without a power button. I’m sure you’ve seen this on a lot of laptops. If you have one of these laptops, all you need to do is close your lid. It should be the only thing that happens when you close your lid. If you’ve ever wondered how this works, it’s because the laptop will automatically turn off when the lid is closed.

But if you want to keep it on, you must lift the lid a little bit and press down again. A laptop lid switch is a valuable tool to save power and extend battery life, and it will turn on the computer automatically whenever it senses motion. You can easily control this device using software called LidSwitch.

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It runs in background mode, and it automatically wakes up the computer. It is straightforward to configure and works without any drivers, and you have to download the software and set up the parameters. Once this is done, there is no need to press the power button to turn on your laptop every time you start it.

Wake Up On Lan

With the introduction of Wake on LAN (WOL) technology, you can use your existing computer’s network connection to trigger a remote computer to start itself up.

Many laptops have a “wake on LAN” feature that allows you to wake up the computer over the network remotely. The quality is enabled by default in Windows 8, and you can’t turn it off. While you can disable it in Windows 10, you’ll need to find the exact settings.

You can use the WOL feature on any laptop connected to your network. Here’s how to configure it.

  • Start by checking the box in the Power Management windows or Control Panel.
  • Click to turn on computers.
  • Select the network device you wish to wake up.
  • Select the option you want to turn on, such as Wake On Lan or Sleep.

This method uses a software program called Wake On LAN. To perform this trick, you need access to a wireless network and a client PC. Once connected to the web, you can click on your computer’s icon on the network to open the network configuration. 

Then, you need to change your connection settings to the appropriate settings for “Wake On Lan.” For example, if you set your laptop to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity, you could choose to wake it up every 15 minutes. If you want to wake your computer up once it is off, choose “never” for that option.

With A Wall Socket Or Extension

You can use the power management settings built into Windows, and Windows 10 includes a control panel called Power Options. From this control panel, you can set up your computer to start up, shut down, or hibernate (sleep), depending on whether or not you have energy available. 

When your laptop is plugged into a wall, you can also use the Sleep/Hibernate function to turn your computer on or off. A laptop’s power button can be disabled by adding a resistor to the power switch. A computer that turns on only when it has no power button can be configured to turn on at any time by connecting it to a power source. 

The trick is getting the voltage to the circuit to change so that the laptop turns on and off when there is power, but no power button is present. The resistance needed to drop the 120VAC input down to 48VAC to activate the laptop varies depending on the laptop. The power needs to be connected directly to the power switch and cannot be wired into any other controller on the computer.

Laptops that use USB ports can run off of battery power or AC power and can be plugged into AC outlets or run on battery power. If you have an AC adapter or a power cord with a switch, plugging it into a wall socket will enable control.

To Unplug The Power Button Wire/ Connector From The Motherboard

It sounds like a joke, but it is possible to turn on a computer when the power button has been disconnected. This is accomplished by cutting the power button wire and connecting it to a different part of the motherboard. It’s called a hot-swap. This trick can be performed on any laptop and even some desktop computers.

If you want to turn on your laptop without pressing the power button, then unplug the power button connector. This is a common trick used by people who want to change the state of their laptop without using the power button. 

To ensure that the laptop turns off, ensure that you have the power button wire disconnected from the motherboard. Once done, plug your charger back in, and the computer should automatically turn off. If you want to turn on the laptop again, unplug your charger, and the laptop should automatically turn on.

The Apps You Can Use on Your Laptop to Turn Off or Turn On Without a Power Button

How To Turn On Laptop Without a Power Button

You can use a few apps to turn off or on a laptop or put it into sleep mode. One of the most popular ways to do this is with the Sleep and Wake app. Connecting your phone to your laptop can activate Sleep Mode and wake up the computer using voice commands. The Wake On Voice feature enables your computer to be turned on just by saying “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” “Good evening,” or “Good night.”

Several applications can help you automate turning off or on your laptop. Some applications are easy to set up and don’t require any technical skills to run. The trick is finding an app that works for you. The most popular of these is ShutDown, which is available for free on both Mac and PC platforms. 

It’s a simple application that asks you whether you’d like to shut down your computer now or later when you’re ready. You can easily set your settings for any time of day or week. You can also set your laptop to automatically turn on when you wake up if you want to go straight to work without wasting time. Some of them are BetterBatteryStats, AutoShutdown, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to turn on a laptop without a power button?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe, and there is no risk involved. You can plug your computer into an electrical socket and start using it.

What is the most effective way to turn on a laptop without a power button?

The easiest method is to hold down the power key for 10-15 seconds, and this will reset the laptop and allow you to use it again.

How to use Windows 10’s Action Center to power off the laptop?

First, open Windows 10’s Action Center by pressing Windows+I. Then click the power icon (a red circle with an “X”) to shut down your laptop. You can also power off your laptop using the following shortcut: Windows+Q.

How to Switch Between Sleep and Wake Mode?

Press and hold the following button (on a PC) to turn on and off sleep mode or wake mode.

Sleep Mode-Press:

Ctrl + Alt + Delete (Windows)

Cmd + Option + Space [Mac OS]

Wake Mode: Press:

Ctrl + Alt + Del [Windows]

Cmd + Option + Cmd [Mac OS]

How to turn on a laptop without a power button by using two keys?

Turning on the laptop using the keyboard instead of a button is possible. The keyboard has two keys, Num Lock and Caps Lock, that can be turned on or off. The two keys are next to each other, and pressing them together will turn on Num Lock while turning them apart will turn it off. You can use the same method to turn on Caps Lock by pressing the keys together.

How do you turn on a laptop without a power button using a battery pack?

If your laptop does not have a power button, you can use a battery pack to charge your computer. All you have to do is put a battery pack in the charger socket of your laptop and wait until it turns on automatically.

How to use a USB cable to turn on a laptop without a power button?

This is a trick that you can use to turn on your computer using a USB cable, and it is called a “hot plug.” All laptops have a port named “Hot Plug”.

How to use a magnet to turn on a laptop without a power button?

If you turn on your laptop without a power button, it can be turned off using a magnet. It works on most laptops; you need to find the power button and place a little pad over it.

Open your laptop and move the magnet close to the battery compartment. Press and hold it for about 10 seconds, then release and start your laptop. It will work without any problems.


How to turn on laptop without a power button is not as difficult as you think. There are a few different ways you can accomplish this. By using a combination of your laptop speakers and your USB ports, you can get your laptop to turn on without a power button in no time. 

We hope this blog post was able to shed some light on this topic for you. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.