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Can A Broken Charger Break Your Laptop? Latest Guide 2023

Can a broken charger break your laptop? If so, that is the worst news. It happened to me. A broken charger caused it.

The charger I bought was cheap, and I got it for my laptop. The charger was connected to the laptop with a cord. My son pulled the charger out of the wall socket. When he did that, the laptop battery broke, and I could not use it anymore.

The laptop was costly. I lost all my work on it. I was distraught. I spent hours trying to return to where I was before I broke the laptop. I had to buy a new battery for the laptop. I was so upset that I decided to write this article.

Can A Broken Charger Break Your Laptop?

A Broken Charger Break Your Laptop

It might sound a bit crazy, but yes. Uneven power supply currents can cause many problems, including a temperature rise and, in the end, a broken laptop. Many people think that adapter failure will damage the laptop. But it is not the charger that is to blame, but your laptop. The original charger is the best and safest way to charge your laptop.

What to do if your laptop charger is broken?

It depends on how much battery you have, but there are a few tricks you can use to make sure your laptop will be alive before you can get back to work.

  • If you don’t have an external battery pack, connect the charger to the laptop’s power supply and plug in the USB cable. Turn the laptop on and then wait for it to charge.
  • If you have a laptop with a built-in battery, you’ll need to remove it and put it in a safe place.
  • Wait for the laptop to charge for about five hours.
  • When you’re ready to use your laptop again, replace the battery the same way you removed it.
  • If you still can’t use your laptop, take it to a service center or computer repair shop.

Are Universal Chargers Bad for Laptops?

People often worry about the safety of universal chargers, and, to be fair, in many cases, there is an excellent reason for it. The problem is that, by their very nature, these chargers are less expensive or reliable than their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) counterparts. The main reason for this is that third parties manufacture them and that nobody, not even the manufacturers, can ever be sure how well they will work in the first place. Consequently, they are sold cheaply and manufactured to the lowest possible standard.

However, it is essential to understand that these chargers are not dangerous to your laptop. They are different from the original charger that came with your laptop. They are not designed to charge your laptop, and they can’t do it. If you use your laptop to charge your mobile phone, then you may have problems.

Can A Laptop Break A Charger?

Several factors contribute to laptop chargers breaking or not working. If your laptop charger is not plugged into a power source, then it will not work. Also, if your charger has been damaged, you may need a new one. Another factor is if your battery is dead.

A dead battery will not charge, so you should replace the battery with a new one. Finally, if the charger is damaged, you may buy a new one. Many things can happen to a laptop charger. If your charger has been damaged, it’s essential to replace it.

Can A Bad Charger Ruin A Laptop?

No, if you charge your laptop with the wrong charger, you can ruin your battery life or, even worse, your laptop’s motherboard. Please don’t risk it! Check the brand of your charger first.

There are some other things to keep in mind when charging a laptop. First, you should plug the charger into the laptop’s USB port. You should also make sure that you connect the charger to the wall outlet. If you have a surge protector, you should also connect it to the wall outlet.

Also, if you use a laptop charger with a USB port on the back, you should connect it to the wall outlet. Disconnecting your charger from the wall outlet when you are not using it would be best.

Can You Use A Phone Charger To Charge A Laptop?

No, You can use it to charge any phone or other small device, but a laptop takes too much power to be charged by a phone charger.

It is not possible to use a phone charger to charge a laptop. A special battery charger is the best way to capture a laptop. This will demand a computer more quickly than using a regular phone charger.

How Can A Broken Or Bad Charger Ruin Your Laptop?

A broken or wrong charger can ruin your laptop if you have to use it for a long time. As you would have noticed, your laptop gets hot when you use it for longer on battery power. This is because your laptop’s battery is charged with the emphasis produced by the laptop’s hardware.

If the charger is broken or badly damaged, the laptop will not be able to operate at its peak performance level, as it will be receiving low voltage. This would cause the laptop to heat up more and lead to poor performance. In addition, the life of your laptop battery will also be damaged. So it would be best if you always tried to avoid charging your laptop with the wrong charger.

People Also Wants To Know

Can a charger damage a laptop?

Yes, it can. If the charger is causing the laptop to overheat and the laptop is not designed to handle the high temperatures that this can cause, the charger begins to fail, and the computer will overheat further and fail.

What happens if a laptop charger Falls?

The laptop charger needs to be protected from water and other liquids. 97.5% of water by weight is salt, so if you dropped the laptop charger in salt water, the salt would probably cause a short. The salt would leave behind a white powdery substance on the contacts of the laptop, damaged components, and ultimately a ruined laptop.

If the laptop charger was dropped in water, it would be okay, but water will conduct electricity. If you have a wet laptop charger, you should dry it immediately. The power supply in your laptop charger could have static electricity, damaging your computer. You should also ensure that you don’t discharge your static electricity onto the laptop charger.

How do you know if my charger is broken or laptop?

The most common sign that your charger is broken is when the charger’s light is not lit up, and your laptop is not charging. You can test if the charger is broken by using another laptop charger on the device. If the light comes on and the charging continues, your device is not working. Sometimes the issue is with your battery rather than the charger.

If the light doesn’t come on and the charging does not proceed, it’s a charger issue. If the light is on, but you hear a slight buzzing noise, the adapter needs replacement. Here are some other simple ways for you to test your laptop charger. The first method is to use the charger to charge another laptop; if it works, your charger is broken, and you need a new one.

You can also try the second method, using another charger with your laptop. If your laptop starts up with the other charger, then your charger is broken. If your laptop doesn’t start with the other charger, then your laptop is broken, and you need to contact your manufacturer for a replacement.

The third method is to open your laptop and check the power jack; if your laptop doesn’t start up with a battery, your charger is broken. If your computer starts up when connected to the wall but doesn’t start up when connected to the battery, then your laptop is broken.

Can a faulty charger damage my MacBook?

Yes! it can damage your MacBook if you have a faulty or unstable charger. In the worst-case scenario, it might even cause a fire. Buying a genuine charger is imperative because fake ones don’t meet safety standards. Using a non-genuine charger can cause the battery to overheat, and when the battery overheats, it can become hazardous. Ensure your charger is in good condition and its rating is above 10W.

Why is MacBook charger so expensive?

It isn’t expensive. You can get one from Amazon for $19.99. The original chargers are costly because they are Apple products. Macbooks are very popular worldwide and are sold in millions every year. Apple can interrupt the industry and set its own rules.

Apple is aware that Macbook chargers have an expiration date, and they have just created a strong awareness of the product in the customers’ minds so that they won’t quickly change to another brand. Even if they change the brand, they will only buy another Apple product. So Apple isn’t losing any customers.

Can I Use an Off-Brand Laptop Charger?

An off-brand charger may seem attractive because it’s cheaper to buy the product, but cheaper is only sometimes better! While off-brand chargers may work for charging your laptop, they can be dangerous and may even damage your laptop. The laptop makers have made their chargers to specific standards, and using an off-brand product that doesn’t follow those standards could damage your laptop.


Many of us have had a laptop charger break at one time or another. We have been caught in an important project with a broken laptop charger and have had to use another to finish our work. Usually, it’s not a big deal. However, a broken charger may be a sign that there is something wrong with the cord and your laptop.

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