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How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use? 3 Easy Steps

You might wonder how many watts your laptop uses, which is excellent if you want to save electricity. But what happens if you want to know how many watts does a gaming laptop use? If you want to keep your laptop running smoothly without worrying about overheating or your hard drive failing, You can reduce your laptop’s power consumption by lowering the wattage.

Gaming laptops are an excellent choice for anyone who loves to game but doesn’t want to sacrifice portability. Not only are they powerful, but they’re also affordable. But a gaming laptop uses a lot of electricity, so it’s essential to know how much power your laptop uses and how to keep it under control.

Your laptop will consume a lot of power during gaming, but not all laptops have the same power usage. The average laptop uses about 100 to 300 watts, so if you’re playing on the go, you may not notice a huge difference. However, if you’re gaming at home, you’ll probably use a different laptop every night.

If you’re not careful, you could drain a battery and cause it to explode. Fortunately, you can quickly check your computer’s wattage by looking at the sticker under the lid. Look for the W or the Watts next to the laptop model number.

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use

If you’re like many students, laptops are part of the essential equipment in your arsenal. There’s no doubt that they’re convenient and indispensable, but you need to know how much power they use. Here’s a quick guide to how much battery life you can expect from a gaming laptop.

This one is simple. If you are trying to conserve energy, you should look for a laptop that uses fewer watts than your other laptops. There are different wattage ratings for different categories of laptops, and most of the significant manufacturers rate their laptops, although the rating may not be listed on the box.

The rating may be printed on the computer or on the back of the case. This rating is usually visible if you open the case or flip the laptop over. The laptop’s wattage refers to the laptop battery’s power capacity. There are several different laptop battery types that you need to know about before you buy one.

In addition to knowing the wattage of the battery, you also need to know how much wattage the graphics card uses and the size of the battery itself. Most of us know that our laptops’ battery life is getting shorter. But, we often don’t realize how much the power consumption of our laptops affects their battery life.

If you were to use a laptop for just 20 minutes daily, you would use up its battery in less than a year. If you were to use it for 60 minutes daily, you could use up its battery in only 3.5 days. The average user spends approximately 2 hours a day using their laptop, meaning they could use up a whole month of battery life in a year if they were to use it for the average time.

Gaming laptops consume much more power compared to other laptops and desktop computers. Although this is useful as it allows you to use high refresh rate displays, the downside is that they also consume large quantities of electricity. It’s common for laptops to use upwards of 8 amps of power, but laptops can draw anywhere between 10 and 20 amps.

The amount of energy consumed by a laptop depends on many factors, such as the processor, how much memory it has, and how much data the computer needs to crunch. For example, a low-power gaming laptop might use just one-quarter as much energy as a high-end gaming PC. 

If we look at the specs of gaming laptops, you will see the wattage will depend on the type of graphics card you require and other factors, such as memory size. For example, if you are looking at buying a laptop with an Nvidia graphics card, then you will need more wattage to power this. However, looking at a laptop with an Intel integrated graphics card, you will probably get less wattage.

The wattage will differ between laptops as manufacturers put in different wattages for other models.

How Many Watts Does A Gaming PC Use?

Let’s understand the meaning of the wattage of a PC. The wattage of a PC refers to the amount of power it consumes. If you have a desktop PC, then you can check the wattage of the desktop PC using the following steps:

Check the wattage of the CPU.

Most PC users use only one processor, so let’s start with the processor. To check the wattage of your processor, you need to open the PC case and remove the cover. Now, look for the sticker with the processor’s name written on it. You can also use the information given by the manufacturer.

Check the wattage of the RAM.

The RAM of a PC is the storage space used to store programs and data. You can also check the RAM’s wattage by opening the PC case and removing the cover.

Check the wattage of the PSU.

PSU means power supply unit, a device that converts the AC voltage to DC. If you have a desktop PC, you can quickly check your PSU’s wattage by opening the PC’s case and removing the cover.

Now, you can easily calculate the wattage of your PC. You don’t need to buy a new computer; measure the wattage and determine the power supply’s wattage. If you are looking for a gaming PC, you can choose the one with the higher wattage.

Screen Size

A large screen will increase the power consumption.

Graphics Card

The more powerful the graphics card is, the more power it will consume.

Hard Drive

The bigger the hard drive is, the more storage space it will have. but uses more power than a smaller one. So, these are some factors that you need to consider before purchasing a gaming computer. All these factors are directly or indirectly connected to power consumption.

To calculate the power consumption, you need to multiply the wattage by the number of hours you will use the computer. For example, if you have a desktop computer and use it for 8 hours daily, you need to multiply the power consumption by 8 to get the total power consumption.

If you are not aware of the power consumption of a gaming computer, then you can use the wattage calculator available on the internet. You can check the wattage of the gaming computer by entering the information into the wattage calculator.

Now, you need to calculate the total wattage of the components.

Formula To Calculate The Total Wattage

  • CPU + GPU + RAM + Hard Disk = Total Wattage of a Gaming PC

Then, you need to divide this total wattage by the number of hours you play in a single day.

Total Wattage of a Gaming PC/Number of hours in a Day = Power Consumption of a Gaming PC

If you have any doubts about the wattage calculation, you can consult a professional service provider or any of the online calculators. So, in a single day, you can play for 5 to 6 hours, and the average power consumption of a gaming PC is 200 to 300 watts.

If you play for 12 hours, the power consumption of a gaming PC can go up to 1500 to 2000 watts. So, it is highly recommended to use a PSU of 500 watts.

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Monitor Use?

We often wonder how much power a gaming monitor uses and what the difference is between a normal and a high-end monitor. Well, the answer to the question is not that simple, and you need to know certain factors to get the exact answer.

For instance, the LCD you use matters significantly, and the LED affects power consumption. The quality of the picture will also make a massive difference in power consumption. The number of pixels will also impact the power consumption, and if you use a gaming monitor with less than 144 pixels, the power consumption will be low.

The display’s size will also directly impact the power consumption, and a 21-inch display will consume much more power than a 17-inch one. Several factors will impact the power consumption, and the way to figure out the amount of power consumption is to figure out the number of watts used per hour.

The wattage used by a gaming monitor depends on the brightness level. If you use a gaming monitor with a high brightness level, the power consumption will be higher than if you use one with a lower brightness level.

The most important thing is that a gaming monitor should not use more than 60 watts of power, and if you have a gaming PC and a gaming monitor, you need to use a power strip to reduce the power consumption. The most important parts of a gaming monitor are the resolution and refresh rate.

The higher the resolution, the more pixels you get on your screen and the more detailed images you get on the net. The refresh rate refers to the speed at which the monitor refreshes. The higher the refresh rate, the faster the monitor will refresh the screen.

When a gaming monitor runs at a high refresh rate, it looks smooth and provides crisp and sharp graphics. Today, most monitors use a 1 ms response time, the fastest response time in the world. So, the refresh rate of the monitor depends upon its resolution.

However, if you buy a gaming monitor, don’t forget to check the wattage it consumes. The wattage is the measurement of power that a device requires to work. It is measured in watts. It is not a single value but consists of various values like power consumed by the monitor, the computer, the video card, the display, etc.

The higher the wattage, the more power it consumes. So, the more power a gaming monitor uses, the higher its wattage. Therefore, you should buy a gaming monitor that consumes less power. You can calculate the power consumption of a gaming monitor by multiplying the number of watts by the refresh rate.

“For example, if you want to know the power consumption of a gaming monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, then you can multiply 2560 x 1440 x 144.”

People Also Wants To Know

Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use

How to find out how much battery power your PC has?

You can find this information by opening the Control Panel and looking under Computer Management. You will see a battery status, which is the battery percentage.

Using a program such as Total Commander or WinDirStat, you can determine your PC’s battery power. You open up the program, type in the model of your computer, press enter, and it will tell you how much battery power you have left.

How to choose a laptop that will last you a lifetime?

A laptop should be selected based on its durability. You’ll want to look for laptops with long-lasting batteries, such as lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. This type of battery provides the most power with minor energy use and can last up to 5 years.

How to find the best battery for your computer?

The best battery for your computer is always the one that will last. This battery can be any battery, such as AA, AAA, C, D, etc. Always consult your computer’s manual to determine the recommended battery size.

We have tested several brands of batteries and found that we like the Duracell brand best. They work very well on both desktop and laptop computers.


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